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FlipGive Fundraiser Takes Off - Save Money For Yourself, Make Money For The School

Stop Fundraising.  Go Shopping.  

That's the motto of FlipGive, a modern take on the prior eScrip fundraiser.  With FlipGive, merchants commit to donating a percentage of each sale to the school - earning a tax break for them and enabling families to raise badly-needed funds for the athletic programs without any out-of-pocket expenses of their own.

FlipGive has partnered with most major online retailers, restaraunts and travel companies, including Walmart, Target, Jet, Hotels.com, Nike, Under Armor, Disney, Sephora, Priceline and dozens of others.  Shoppers who normally use those services can shop the same way that they always do - using the same websites, same rewards programs they may already have, and get the same deals and sales - in addition to occasional special discounts available only to FlipGive shoppers.

FlipGive is easy to use.  There are two ways to make it work.

1) Use the Patten Academy page on FlipGive's site as the entryway to your online shopping. Simply go to that page first, then click on the logo of your favorite participating provider to go to their shopping page.  Then shop as normal.  

2) Visit the Patten Academy page on FlipGive, and allow FlipGive to install and activate an extension to your browser.  By doing this, you'll never have to visit the FlipGive website again - ALL of your online shopping at ALL participating online merchants will automatically earn cash for the school's athletic programs without any further action on your part.  This is the easiest method, and is the one I recommend for most people.

Please visit our page at the link below.  Contact me if there are any questions or concerns - or if you would like more information or have ideas.  Hit me up!

Duane Mowrer, Athletic Director - (510) 207-3721 - dmowrer@pattenacademy.org